On Sunday, 24 July, the biggest kite in Indonesia took to the skies again. This kite measures 234.5 meters long. The wingspan is 11,5 meters wide and the body is 10,8 meters long.

Altogether this super kite weighs an astonishing 770 kilograms and requires about 200 people to control. The identification number of Nagaraja is 607.

NGIRING MASIKIAN DRIKI – #nakbaline , video olih @belalang_kupukupu: "naga raja ? buruan terakhir, total panjang 250 meter, berat 770kg #balinese #culture #dragon #janggan #nagaraja #balikitefestival #BK_13

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Inilah saat Layangan Tradisional Terbesar di Indonesia "Nagaraja" mengudara sore kemarin.Video by : @deck_sotto Follow @HaloDenpasar di Instagram dan Facebook#nagaraja #danginpeken #amazingbali #infosanur #layanglayang #leica #HaloDenpasar #infodenpasar #bali #layanganbali #janggan

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This type of kite is called the “Janggan”. These kites are sacred in Bali and will be blessed by a Balinese priest before and after flying.

The Janggan is probably the most spectacular Bali kite. The head of the kite is dragon like and the tail can be several hundred meters long.

The Janggan kite are equipped with a guwungan as are several other Bali kites. A guwungan is a tightly stretched ribbon that vibrates by the wind and creates a special humming sound when up in the air.

This specific Janggan kite was made by the Dangin Peken community in Sanur. This Bali kite was called “Nagaraja” which translates to Dragon King. It took three months to complete this huge kite!

Bali kite

Nagaraja with no 607

Sunday 24 July was the second attempt to get this kite up in the air. The first attempt was on Mertasari Beach on 10 July.

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Video of first attempt;

Rekormuri layangan janggan terbesar di dunia "Naga Raja" Br. Dangin Peken , Intaran Sanur.@deck_sottoVideo From : @hary_wikana #Halodenpasar #infodenpasar #infobali #beritabali #infobadung #layangan #layanganbali #rekormuri #janggan #nagaraja #janggannagaraja #drone #djiphantom3

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This video shows the setup and gives you an idea of how big this kite really is.

On the first attempt the kite only went up into the air a couple of meters. This was due to insufficient wind and not enough space for the team of controllers to get the kite up into the air.

The 24 July attempt in Padang Galak provided a larger area and was definitely more spacious. Padang Galak is North of Sanur. The kite was up in the air at around 15:30h for roughly 5-10 minutes.

Other than this huge kite there were als other giant kites going up into the air during the Bali kite festival.

Here you can see a YouTube video of a regular size Janggan Bali kite from setup to take-off.