Only 10 days after issuing a much debated limit on the visa on arrival, this limit has now already been cancelled (see below for the Indonesian document and the English translation).

The original document (20 October 2015) was an internal memo with a list of instructions designed to catch illegal foreign workers.

These instructions were created by the local Bali Immigration department and were meant for the local Bali airport immigration officers.

The purpose of these instructions was to increase the surveillance on foreigners who were suspected of working illegally on a tourist visa (either 30 day free visa or 30 day visa on arrival).

One of the instructions made (but now cancelled) was that a visitor was only allowed to enter Indonesia maximum twice per 12 months on a tourist visa (either a visa on arrival or free visa).

The same Immigration office, who first issued this new decree with limitations on the number of visa on arrival entries (among others), has now cancelled this decree only 10 days later.

Continue here to read the current Indonesia visa regulations.

Indonesia visa on arrival limitations cancelled

Here is the translation of the letter that now cancels these limitations.

Notice of cancellation of instruction
Head of the immigration office class I Ngurah Rai

The head of the Ngurah Rai immigration department has decided after the meeting on Thursday, 29 October 2015 at 11:00h WIB (12 noon Bali time), at the secretary’s office  of the Immigration, about the instruction of the Ngurah Rai department with number; W20.FNG.UM.01.01-4774 year 2015 on 20 October 2015 about the increased surveillance of foreigners in the working area of the Ngurah Rai immigration office, canceled and declared null and void.

Thus to be informed

Badung, 30 October 2015
Head off Office,

Copy of Indonesian language document.

indonesia visa on arrival limitations cancelled