Indonesia car license

Drivers in Indonesia who wish to use their car for business purposes need a certificate of road worthiness. This includes cars used for tourism like hotel transfers or day tours.Indonesia road worthy test

Uji Kir

In Indonesia this vehicle inspection is called an “Uji Kir” or more commonly just “Kir” (coming from the Dutch word Keur or Inspect). This Kir is required for cars used for tourism but also for taxis, company vehicles, trailers, trucks etc… .

When a vehicle successfully pass the road worthiness test the driver will get;

Book of periodical vehicle inspection.

book of periodical vehicle inspection

A 5 x 5 cm metal seal that goes on the license plate

KIR Indonesia

Car with KIR license in Bali

A paper that some will stick on their window and others keep in their glove compartment.

Indonesia car license and KIR Stiker

The vehicle inspection is done by examiners who meet requirements set by the government. This test needs to be done once every six months.

The vehicle is tested according to its intended use (passengers, cargo, construction …). These are a few of the performed checks and tests;

  • Vehicle body: cleanliness, dimensions, shape, windows, seats and doors
  • Dimensions and weight of the vehicle
  • The steering system
  • Speedometer
  • Lights
  • Wheels and tires
  • Suspension system
  • Fuel system: fuel type, fuel lines and fuel tanks
  • Exhaust gas: exhaust and emissions
  • The brake system: the channel system, power brakes and parking brake
  • Ancillary equipment: speedometer, fender, bumper, mirrors, windshield wiper and horn

There will also be an actual road test.

The price for the Kir test is Rp 75,000 for the first test and Rp 60,000 for every test after the first one. The price for the book is Rp 60,000 and the sticker and seal Rp 25,000.

More info on the actual vehicle inspection at www.klungkungkab.go.id