There are a few options to leave the Bali airport. The one we will cover over here is the Bali airport taxi.

In this post we will have a look at;

  • What are the rates for a Bali airport taxi.
  • Where you can I find the Bali airport taxi.
  • Who are the Bali airport taxi.

Continue here if you are looking for alternative ways to leave the Bali airport other than the the Bali airport taxi.

Bali airport taxi rates.

The Bali airport taxi charge a fixed rate depending on your destination. These fixed rates are published on a big plastic signboard at the taxi counter. When you get to the airport taxi counter  you will need to tell the clerk where you go and he will quote you the price.

You get a piece of paper with the number of your taxi written on and often the price as well. The payment is to the taxi driver at the end of the ride.

These are the prices on the first and second board. Check your hotel location and note the number and price. When you get to the counter you will be ready to negotiate if they give you a different rate.

  1. Ayana Resort at Rp 150,000
  2. Amanusa / Mulia / Tanjung Benia at Rp 175,000
  3. Batu Bulan station at Rp 175,000
  4. Canggu (Pererenan) at Rp 225,000
  5. Candidasa at Rp 425,000
  6. Dyana Pura (Hotel Royal Seminyak) at Rp 120,000
  7. Denpasar I (Teuku Umar) at Rp 125,000
  8. Denpasar II (Renon, Tanjung Bunggkak, Kreneng) at Rp 135,000
  9. Denpasar III (Jl. Nangka Seletan, Jl. Ratna, Kesiman) at Rp 150,000
  10. Denpasar IV (Sekar Tunjung, Tohpati, Penatih) at Rp 175,000
  11. Gatsu at Rp 165,000
  12. Gatsu Timur / Tohpati at Rp 175,000
  13. Jimbaran I (Intercontinental) at Rp 100,000
  14. Jimbaran II (Jl. Uluwatu II, Four Season) at Rp 125,000
  15. Jimbaran III (Harris Hotel) at Rp 150,000
  16. Kedonganan at Rp 85,000
  17. Kuta I (Discovery, Bakungsari, Kuta Square) at Rp 70,000
  18. Kuta II (North border until Jl. Melasti, Banjar Pelasa) at Rp 80,000
  19. Legian (Jl. Padma until Jakakarta Hotel) at Rp 95,000
  20. Nusa Dua (BTDC) at Rp 150,000
  21. Nikko Bali at Rp 185,000
  22. Oberoi / Kerobokan at Rp 150,000
  23. Padang Bai at Rp 400,000
  24. Pecatu / Uluwatu at Rp 225,000
  25. Seminyak (Pantai Double Six, Bintang) at Rp 110,000
  26. Sanur area at Rp 150,000
  27. Tanah Lot / Le Meridien at Rp 300,000
  28. Tuban at Rp 55,000
  29. Ungasan / Uluwatu at Rp 200,000
  30. Ubud center at Rp 300,000
  31. Umalas / Banjar Semer / Kuwun at Rp 135,000
  1. Amlapura at Rp 510,000
  2. Blah Batuh at Rp 270,000
  3. Banglli at Rp 300,000
  4. Blahkiuh / Sangeh at Rp 230,000
  5. Bedugul at Rp 400,000
  6. Celukan Bawang at Rp 750,000
  7. Candidasa at Rp 425,000
  8. Gilimanuk at Rp 750,000
  9. Gianyar at Rp 280,000
  10. Kediri at Rp 250,000
  11. Kapal / Sibang / Darmasaba at Rp 175,000
  12. Kintamani at Rp 450,000
  13. Klungkung at Rp 300,000
  14. Lovina at Rp 650,000
  15. Mengwi / Taman Ayun at Rp 185,000
  16. Mambal at Rp 180,000
  17. Medewi at Rp 500,000
  18. Negara at Rp 600,000
  19. Pemuteran / Matahari Resort at Rp 850,000
  20. Payangan at Rp 350,000
  21. Padang Bai at Rp 400,000
  22. Singaraja Kota at Rp 550,000
  23. Sempidi / Dalung at Rp 170,000
  24. Sukawati at Rp 175,000
  25. Taro / Sebatu at Rp 400,000
  26. Tulamben / Amed / Alamanda at Rp 750,000
  27. Tabanan Kota at Rp 300,000
  28. Tanah Lot / BNR at Rp 300,000
  29. Tegalalang at Rp 350,000
  30. Ubud Center at Rp 300,000

There is also the option for the meter to be turned on although they make it complicated probably because they want to discourage this.

Where can I find the Bali airport taxi.

To get the least chance of being overcharged you need to book your taxi at the official counter. If you book your taxi from a random taxi driver then there is a high chance that you will be overcharged.

  • International Arrival Terminal; the taxi counter is after you exit the arrival terminal through the glass sliding doors and after you walk zig-zag through the “Dufry Shopping” arcade where they sell sweets and alcohol. The counter is right next to the information desk.
  • Domestic Arrival Terminal; the airport taxi counter is again after you exit the glass sliding doors and then turn to your left.

Who are the people behind the Bali airport taxi.

At the Bali airport there is one official taxi operator called the “Koperasi Taksi Ngurah Rai” or more commonly named the Bali airport taxi.

This is group of individual drivers who have agreed to work together and set a certain standard of services. They all drive the same cars, wear the same uniform and charge (mostly) the same rates.

The Bali airport taxi pay a license fee to Angkasa Pura I. Angkasa Pura is the state enterprise responsible for the management of airports in Indonesia. As they are the only ones paying this license fee they;

  • charge higher than regular taxis to recover the license fee.
  • are very protective of their business (they don’t like other unlicensed drivers take business).

As of July 2015 there are actually three other taxi companies at the domestic arrival terminal. They are colour coded (red, green, yellow) and appear to charge the same rates as the Bali airport taxi. They only do small business.